What is socializAR?

SocializAR is an app for tradefairs, exhibitions and networking events. SocializAR uses social media and augmented reality. What does the SocializAR do? You meet someone at an event. You scan his or her badge with your smartphone or tablet, and his/her business card and latest tweets appear next to him/her in the augmented space around her/him!

If you are organizing an event, socializAR can be a new added value for the participants. Interested in the possibilities? Contact us for more information.

How does it work?

SocializAR is a solution combining your social media environment and augmented reality. It’s fun to collect new professional contacts. It’s easy to link with a new business and create a reminder of an interesting business meeting. SocializAR uses the possibilities of the mobile devices and augmented reality. It’s fun and it is practical.

Socializar is uniquely designed for each different networking event. It provides a new experience for the participants.

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