OBI 3D Finder

This Sunday the 18th of March, OBI will launch its spring campaign with its trademark Jumbo brochure (A1 size when folded open) that is distributed to over 17 million households in Germany. A major part of this campaign is the OBI 3D-Finder, an Augmented Reality game we created together with KONTRAST Communication Services from Düsseldorf. It is introduced on the cover of the brochure: the ”Grosses 3D-Gewinnspiel“.

In the game, participants are challenged to find five products on the pages, by browsing the pages with their smartphone or tablet. When a product is found, it comes alive in Augmented Reality, and it can be added to the player’s basket. When all five are found, the player can enter the sweepstakes to win one of ten coupons for 1000,- euros.

Twnkls signed on for designing, developing and delivering the app and database-backend that runs in the cloud. The app was developed for Android (2.2 to 4.0, smartphones and tablets) and iOS (iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2+ and iPod Touch 4).

You can find the app here (only available for download in the German app stores):